Monday, October 1, 2012

Not a Fan of Idols

I love the fact that God had so many prophets throughout the Bible. I'm sure they walked back into their tent each night so frustrated with people not listening to what God wanted for them.

I would've been one of the top non-listeners. I tend to have a mind of my own. I'm sure the hubs could fill you in on that one quite easily. :)

Laura tells us in Seeking Purity, that the Lord warned the Israelites many times through His prophets. I'm so grateful to know that I wasn't the first one to put up a fight when it came to listening.

She goes on to tell us that when we read 2 Kings 17:14-23, we will see that God makes it very clear that the Israelites were not to have idols, among other things. In her research, she found that in the NIV the word "idols" is used. But in the KJV and the NASB, the word "vanities" is used in its place. She says, "A word study will further clarify this for us: 'vanities' and 'vain' are translated in the Hebrew as hebel and habal. Hebel, meaning 'vanities' is a 'breath or vapor,' and habal is 'to act emptily, to become vain or to be vain.'"

Wow! That's quite a statement. A breath or vapor doesn't last long. At all. I don't know tons about science, but I've learned enough to know that a vapor is gone pretty darn quick. Kinda puts things in perspective.

In my daily life, it's easy to find things that seem important. Cars, clothing, purses, Starbucks (yes, you read that correctly. We all have different things we love - ha ha!). But trying to get a bigger paycheck just so I can have more Starbucks won't work. It won't last (except around my waist). Focusing in on "idols" will be a waste of breath - literally.

God placed his prophets in the midst of Israel to bring them closer and fully to Himself. They are in the pages of His word so we can look back and learn, and see that He still wants us closer and fully to Himself. Fleeting moments of vapors just don't seem to measure up - and never will. I'm so thankful we serve a God that still wants every part of us!

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