Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peace for His Children

Someone pushed my six-year-old yesterday. How can that happen? He's so sweet and loving. Gotta admit, my gut reaction is to follow my son to school, walk him in, and protect him all the way (and push the little kid off the swings on my way back out to the car). It's hard not to stress over it happening again.

I told my son to ignore the little boy and he would go away. My husband said, "It's not that easy. Bullies don't just go away. They keep it up, until you stand up for yourself. I'm speaking from experience." This, of course, didn't slow down my mothering instincts at all.

It's tough to stand back and let things happen to our children. They have to experience life just as we did. I dropped him off this morning, and drove out of the parking lot-after resisting the urge to walk behind him looking for the mean little boy. I know that's not the solution. So, I showered him with prayers. I've been doing it all day.

My little boy just wants to go to school and learn and have fun. As I prayed for him, it hit me that Jesus despises this type of behavior. Sure, it's pretty innocent pushing a little kid. But, his heart breaks when someone hurts us or gives us cause to worry. God not only understands my concern over my son, but he loves John so much more than I do (hard to imagine someone can love my child more than me) and wants to see him flourish and be a happy child.

God reminded me that He is always there waiting to hear our prayers. He cares about whether or not my son gets pushed. Bullies may not go away, but what a blessing that we can pray them away. Our God is bigger than any bully you might come across. He knows just how to deal with the difficulties in our lives. We can lay our worries at his feet, and He promises to wrap His arms of love around us and give us peace.

I know John might get pushed again. But I know with prayer John will learn how to deal with the other little boy. (My optimistic heart is hoping it could turn into a friendship). It doesn't always happen the way we want it to, but regardless, God is in the mix. He will see us through.

The Lord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace.  Psalm 29:11

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