Monday, August 11, 2008

Going Home

I have never been more ready to go home. I have been working away from home for over a year, with about two weeks at home in that time. My husband asked me where I wanted to go for vacation. My answer? Home.

My last day on this job down here, on the banks of Lake Okeechobee, is Wednesday. I am so ready. My wonderful boss is giving me several weeks off before the next job starts. I am also happy to get away from the disgusting pincher bugs. They are everywhere. I had one in my shoe today. YUK. I think their somewhat technical name is earwig. I am not even going to capitalize their name. They just don't deserve it.

Back to the vacation discussion. Realistically, who can pass up a vacation? Not me. So, we will go again. This time to Gatlinburg. I love the mountains. Although they aren't as high or jagged as my precious Colorado Rockies, they are beautiful. I love staying in a cabin and just doing fun things around town.

Well, back to work. For now.


Yolanda said...


Where is "home" for you?

Colorado Rockies are beautiful, and we are headed to Cuchara on Friday. Yipee!

Also, the Smokey Mountains are just beautiful also!

Blessings as we too, are in the Oil & Gas in Kansas.


juliepollitt said...

Hi Yolanda!

Home is now just outside of Tampa, Florida. I grew up in Denver and we went to the mountains every other weekend to either ski or camp.

I always felt like the mountains were an escape. A wonderful escape!

Oil and Gas field is a good one to be in right now! Blessings to you too. Julie

Proverbs 16:3

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