Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Recipes With a Heart from Sandra D. Bricker

When award-winning author Sandra D. Bricker was a child, her mother was widely-known for the meals and sweet treats she put on the table.

“I always used to tell her, ‘Mom, you’ve made me what I am today!’ Which, of course,” quips the author of best-selling romantic comedy for the Christian market, “is a diabetic with a weight problem.”

Bricker gave up an established life as a publicist and aspiring screenwriter in Los Angeles to move across the country to Tampa, Florida, in order to provide care when her mom could no longer care for herself. It was her mother, in fact, who suggested to the writer that, since she felt that she’d left her screenwriting dreams behind in Hollywood, perhaps she could try her hand at writing novels.

“My very first romantic comedy was published a few months before she passed away,” says the author, “and I’m so happy that she actually had the chance to hold it in her hands and read it before I lost her. She was so proud, and it really made me feel like I’d accomplished something to see that look in her eyes.”

When Jessie Kovacevich Bricker passed away, she and her daughter were in the process of compiling the family recipes in hopes of fulfilling her dream of publishing a cookbook. Unfortunately, the project didn’t come to fruition. Until now.

“After she died, I found a cool little spiral cookbook that she’d made for me,” Bricker explains. “All of her favorite recipes written in her shaky little hand were inside, and a note that said it was the only legacy she had to leave me.”

In honor of her mother, the author has begun working on a series of cookbooks called Legacy Recipes. The first volume, Legacy Sweets: Cookies, Cakes & More from the recipe files of my mother, is available now for Kindles at, priced at $2.99.

“These cookbooks are the epitome of a Labor of Love,” the author beams. “But the response that they’ve gotten from my readers has been so gratifying. My mom would be over the moon about it!”

For further information about the author or her books, including Legacy Sweets, contact, or email the author directly at

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