Friday, February 20, 2009

A Few Moments with Anita Higman

Anita Higman's latest release, Love Finds You in Humble, Texas found and hooked me from the get-go. Today, we get a chance to ask Anita a few questions...

Tell us about your most recent novel.

I hired the amazing Circle of Seven Productions to do a book trailer for me, so I’ll let the narrator tell you a bit about the book.

Click here:

Do you have a favorite character in Love Finds You in Humble Texas?

Actually, I was very interested in one of the smaller characters. I love Wiley Flat. He was such a surprise the way he showed up and revealed himself to me. Almost as if he really did exist. There are so many times I’ve thought it would be fun to attend a party and have all my characters show up. I could watch them interact with each other, and see what happens. Reminds me of the movie Stranger Than Fiction.

How did you come up with the idea for this novel?

I started with a simple concept—two sisters who were very different. One would be an image coach and the other would be in desperate need of an image coach. Then I thought, “What if both sisters fall in love with the same man?” Now that seemed like an interesting concept since it would have a lot of natural built-in conflict, especially if the sisters were close. I wrote an opening scene, and then my fingers began to fly. Even though I generally know where the novel is going, many times the story reveals itself as I go along.

Are you anything like the heroine of your novel?

I’m like Trudie Abernathy in certain ways. She has the heart of an artist, and she is introspective and has a passion for life. I am those things too. But Trudie is a compilation of many personality traits beyond me. Some pieces are from acquaintances, friends, family members, and from just watching people and taking mental notes. Then in the process of writing, the imagination takes over to add its own magic to the mix.

What do you hope readers will feel when they finish your book?

Here is a tiny excerpt. “Life can be a collage of pretty pictures as well as a thousand shattered moments, but God can bring marvel to it all as He takes those broken pieces and, with the light of His grace shining through them, makes something beautiful, something treasured.” I hope readers feel that kind of encouragement when they close the book.

When did you realize that you were going to be a writer?

We'll get the answer tomorrow, and a few more, when we finish the interview with Anita. Be sure to check back for her writing tips. Oh, and bring a latte!

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