Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why Haven't I Read This Before?

I just began reading Christy, by Catherine Marshall. I cannot believe I haven't read this phenomenal, all-engrossing book before now. If it weren't for the gobs of hours at work and the little boys crawling all over me, I would have it finished by now. Maybe I could get the area under my desk fixed up - just like George on "Seinfeld" - crawl under there and escape into the beautiful world of Cutter Gap.

Ah...Marshall's descriptions keep me glued to the pages. Her words flow like the water through those smoky mountains - free and clear. I am drawn into another world for a short, valued time. How I love to read!


Kathie said...

Wonderful book. Read it the first time years ago, but it is certainly worth re-reading from time to time. Enjoyed visiting your blog this morning.
Blessings from Costa Rica

Bonnie said...

I've not read Christie. I used to watch it on tv. I'm an avid reader though and am always looking for good recommendations. I'll have to see if my library has any of these !

Meredith said...

Oh, I loved it, too.

I read it first as a teen and recently reread it as an adult. So much better the second time around!

Proverbs 16:3

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