Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ouch! That's Hot

I'm HOT! I've been hot for over a month now. No, it's not menopause. It's Florida, plain and simple.

I am figuring out that although I like it here, I am a Colorado girl through and through. I love the snow, I love to ski, and I miss my Fall colors.

Lets find some positive attributes of living in the humid climate we call Florida:

  • Wearing shorts in the middle of winter does have its advantages. I can go out and get the mail in the middle of winter and shave 30 minutes off my time. The Colorado layering system will eventually make you sweat - no matter how cold it gets outside.
  • With the lack of ice down in these parts, the only time I will ever skid on the road is when I zip around the corner to get home in time to watch The Office. I try to keep all four wheels on the ground, but sometimes getting around that corner into our neighborhood is a little sharper than I would like it to be. The kids think it's fun though!
  • I can still ski, but it's on melted snow. I think they call them lakes down here.
  • I went up a hill the other day. It was above sea level. I think the sign at the top of the bridge read 15 feet. I felt a little lightheaded from the altitude, but I made it down and returned to my regular breathing where the air is thick.
  • My salt clumps up in the shaker, so I am forced to take the lid off. When the clumps fall in one spot it makes it handy for bigger bites.
  • We can ride our bikes around town to check out the Christmas lights. No - there's nothing good about that. It's just wrong.
  • I can wear a bathing suit at the beach. Guess what people? I'm not even going to wear one of the those in Colorado in the hottest part of the summer.
  • My hair finally stays in one place. The sweat helps clamp it to my forehead where I always thought it looked best.
  • And finally, we can have bugs as pets. They are much bigger and they don't eat a lot. It's a win-win situation.
Yes folks, living in Florida is wonderful.

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

So funny! I think I would end up being a big puddle, especially after living in Vermont the last few years! And I would need to invest in big bottles of curl tamer/gel - otherwise there wouldn't be room for anyone else in the state because of the size of my hair!!

Came over from BooMama. Love your sense of humor!


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